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The Zed-FULL from IEA is the first "all in one" programming tool for the diagnostic or auto locksmith professional, with a huge range of specialist software and purchasing options. The Zed-FULL is a top quality computerised tablet with a large full colour touch screen, huge memory and easy to use software. It also comes with a range of cables, adapters and accessories together with a strong carry case.

The Zed-FULL combines an exceptional range of software that until now has only been available in separate tools. The Zed-FULL combines Key cloning, transponder management, OBD key & remote programming, EEPROM programming and other features such as a remote tester, key and remote virginising, voltage & continuity tester, WiFi communication and PC software package. So for the first time you can have your cloning machine, key programmer and EEPROM package all in one exceptional tool.

Not only does the Zed-FULL combine all the features of many competitive tools but the level of software takes key programming options to new heights. The Zed-FULL is packed with new features and software such as:

  • Cloning to many fixed and crypto transponders including id46 & 8C

  • Cloning to the latest carbon CN2 & ZED46 transponders for 4C, 4D and ID46

  • Cloning some ID48 for Daewoo, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Kia

  • Built in frequency tester for remote keys

  • Recycling and unlocking of used remote keys and key cards

  • Remote emulating system for Fiat remotes

  • OBD key & remote programming including pincode reading on a huge range of vehicles

  • Built in component security code reading aerial for easy scanning

  • Latest coverage of VAG vehicles including UDS systems

  • Pincode reading for Peugeot & Citroen vehicles

  • OBD programming on 24v systems including Renault, DAF and Volvo trucks

  • Built in EEPROM programmer with no PC software required

  • Over 250 individual immobiliser EEPROM files covered

Zed Full Key Programming Machine

There are 100+ official videos available demonstrating how the Zed-Full performs it's functions on a wide range of vehicles. Get started here.


Only: £3,595.00 + VAT




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