Camillo Biachi Key Reader Machine

The Camillo Bianchi Reader is the perfect solution for identifying single or double-sided cylinder profiles and dimple profiles.

Thanks to a simple recognition system and a 7” display with intuitive interface, this process is quick and easy. Just place the key in the slot and the system will show the best references of the key blanks to be duplicated and the hook where they are located in only a few seconds. There are no buttons to push, no manuals to study and no personal computers to connect to!

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Special Order - Delivery: 4-6 weeks

Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months


This new electronic key reading device from Silca is an innovative machine that offers key profile reading of most key types: flat cylinder, bit, double bit, pump and dimple keys. It provides a comparison with the original key including the key cuts within predefined tolerances and can be stand alone or PC driven. Key profile storage up to 20,000 profiles in the device memory. It has a reading time of just a few seconds and is the ideal tool for identifying the correct key blank to use.

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SKU: L16402

Special Order - Delivery: 4-6 weeks

Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months

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