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How much profit can I make from cutting keys?

Key cutting can be a highly rewarding trade, offering substantial profit margins. Find out how much profit you could make using our handy Key Cutting Profit Guide

Can anyone cut keys and do you need a license?

Key cutting is not regulated in the United Kingdom. Put simply - anyone can cut keys.

How do I start and what are the initial outlay costs for key cutting?

Our comprehensive Key Cutting Starter Packages are great place to start. The most popular way to start out is by cutting residential keys -cylinder and mortice. The machines that we supply are straight forward to operate and offer the possibly to duplicate keys in a matter of seconds. Our  packages start from as little as £599.00.  Order today and your package will be delivered to your door within 1-3 business days.

How do I use a key cutting machine?

Our key cutting machines are straight forward and easy to operate. All machines are supplied with instructions and many have video demonstrations which can be viewed on the product pages. 

Can I purchase spare parts for my machines?

Yes - the cutters and most common replacements can be purchased directly through the website by visiting our Accessories Page. Simply select your machine to see what's available. If you need a part that is not stocked then let us know and we will order it in on a special request for you.

Why are your prices so low?

We work closely and directly with a number of manufacturers and distributors. Where possible we cut out the "middle-men" to ensure that we can offer the lowest price.

Do THM supply key blanks?

Yes - we supply a wide range of key blanks which you can view by visiting the key blanks section of the website. For those who are new to key cutting, we have a great range of Starter Kits and Key Dispenser Boards available.

Can I set up a monthly payment account with THM?

Currently this is not an option and all orders require payment in advance. We are able to accept purchase orders for some public sectors - please contact us for more information. 

Are your machines 220-240 volt?

Yes - the machines that we provide operate on voltage of 220-240v which means that with the correct adapters they can be fitted to work in most motors. 


Do your machines have CE mark?

Yes - all machines that we provide are CE certified and meet the required standards for UK and European markets.


Can I become a stockist?

If you're a business that is passionate about key cutting and offering excellent service then yes. For more information about becoming a stockist, please feel free to get in touch.

Where are your machines manufactured?

The machines that we supply are manufactured all over the world - countries including, Italy, Spain, China and Taiwan. If you would like to know more information regarding a specific product then please feel free to contact us.


Do you offer a machine installation service?

Our products can be set up with ease and require no specialist installation.


Are your machines supplied with a warranty and how long does it last?

Yes - all of our machines are supplied with a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty. Keyline, JMA and Silca machines are supplied with a 2 year warranty.

What is the THM Silca Webshop and how do I access it?

Silca branded products are available to purchase via the THM Silca Webshop. This is a trade only webshop, and operates independently from the main site ( In order to shop Silca's extensive range of key blanks and machines you will need to apply for a Silca Webshop account. Please note: we aim to review all applications within a 48 hours time window.

Is it possible to get a quicker delivery than stated on your website?

You can buy in confidence knowing that your order will reach you in line with the delivery time as stated on our website - subject to terms and conditions.* However if you need it quicker then simply contact us and we can look at providing a quicker delivery service for you. (Please note: additional costs may apply).

Do you offer shipping outside of the United Kingdom?

We only operate and supply products within the United Kingdom. 


Have a question that is not listed here or need further information? Feel free to contact us by visiting our Contact Us Page and we will be happy to assist you.



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