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Zephyr Tubular Key Cutting Machine.jpg

A cost effective and purpose built tubular key cutting machine.

  • Duplicates most popular tubular keys.

  • Positive indexing feature for accurate location.

  • Cost effective tubular key cutting solution.

  • Duplicates 7.5mm and 7.84mm diameter keys.

  • Widely used throughout the trade.

  • Small, light and portable.

Only: £375.00

£450.00 inc. VAT


SKU: S-OM004 

Free Delivery: 1-2 Business Days

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

silca crown.png

Only: £XXXX.xx

£XXXX.xx inc. VAT

Silca Key Cutting Machine Cutters.jpg

SKU: 7407

Innovative and smart tubular key cutting machine from Silca.

  • For use with duplicating tubular keys.

  • Smart and easy to operate.

  • Synchronised self centering clamp.

  • High quality, robust Silca machine.

  • Used by professionals throughout the trade.

  • Suitable for heavy duty use.

Special Order: Delivery: 4-6 weeks

Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months

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