Keyline Gymkana 994 is the new automatic key cutting machine designed for the automotive industry. A functional, dynamic and precise tool that allows you to duplicate car keys and cut them by code. Supported Keys: Laser keys, Tibbe keys, Simplex keys and Edge cut keys.


The Gymkana 994 is made in Italy and has been designed to be durable, transportable, light and dynamic. It is the jewel of Keyline technology with an unmatched price quality ratio. 

Keyline Gymkana 994 Automatic Key Machine

Only: £3,500.00

£4,200.00 inc. VAT

Finance available

Demonstrations available

Keyline Ninja Total Automatic Key Machine

Ninja Total is the exclusive all-in-one electronic key cutting machine for use with both domestic and automotive keys. It copies, decodes and codes edge cut keys, and decodes and codes laser and dimple keys. 


Ninja Total is the ideal machine for any locksmith looking to offering a key cutting service with a complete and high performing tool.


Keyline Ninja Total Automatic Key Machine

Only £6,500.00

£7,800.00 inc. VAT

Finance available

Demonstrations available

JMA Multicode Automatic Key Cutting Machine

With the new MULTICODE, JMA offers an all-in-one professional solution for your business. Its multi-functional nature means it can cut to code and copy flat, security and vehicle keys without needing to switch machines.

  • Copies flat, security and vehicle keys

  • JMAKeyPro app is operated through a touchscreen tablet and includes entire catalogue


JMA Multicode Automatic Key Machine

Only £7,107.75

£8,529.30 inc. VAT

Finance available

Demonstrations available


silca futura pro electronic fully automatic key machine

Futura Pro is a unique electronic key cutting machine combining two cutting stations in one user-friendly device. Ideal for inexperienced key cutters thanks to the software-guided procedures, this compact machine is also perfect for locksmiths offering a roadside service.


Now even faster, Futura Pro stands out for the quality of its key cuts, small footprint and its access to the widest key database available on the market via the integrated tablet.


Silca Futura Pro Automatic Key Machine

Finance available

Silca Futura Viper Auto Key Cutting Machine

The SILCA Futura Pro Auto Viper Key Machine is a powerful electronic key cutting machine designed for key cutters who want to enter the lucrative automotive key business. 


It features optimised cutting cycles, and software such as key cutting previews, plus an integrated 10 inch tablet touch screen, it is easy to use and guides you through the key duplicating process step by step.


Finance available

Miracle A9S Pro.jpg

The Miracle A9S Pro uses state of the art CNC technology to support fast and accurate key production. An innovative all-in-one key cutting solution which is designed for professional locksmiths, used to create or copy automobile keys, tubular, dimple, and domestic keys.


Miracle A9S Pro is equipped with an 8" LCD touch screen for easy key production with no extra external devices necessary. 


Miracle A9s Pro Automatic Key Machine

Only £5,950.00

£7,140.00 inc. VAT

Finance available

Demonstrations available

an-san x-cut electronic fully automatic key machine

Using state of the art "Nanotech" technology, the X-Cut key cutting machine uses is able to produce a whole new key, allowing you to copy your customer's key, even when the blank is not in stock. The complete cutting and copying process takes no more than a few minutes.

The X-Cut is easy to use with step by step quick processes, has an integrated LCD display, capacitive touch buttons and an illuminated cutting area. 


An San X-Cut Electronic Key Machine

Only £5,995.00

£7,194.00 inc. VAT

Finance available

Demonstrations available

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