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RST Gladaid TM800 888C Cylinder Cutter Blade Wheel HSS

**SECONDS** THM RST TM800 Key Machine Titanium Cylinder Cutter | 70x6.0x20.0mm

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-These cutters contain imperfections. For example, the TiN coating is not to a high standard and or the item has scuffs and marks.

-All teeth are present on the cutters, but in some cases there are a number of teeth that do not appear as sharp as desired, or slightly differ when it comes to the width of the tip of the teeth.

-This item is non-refundable.


Product Info:


A Replacement Cylinder Cutter for the RST TM800 Dual Purpose Key Cutting Machine.  


  • Brand: THM  
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 6.0mm x 20mm
  • Cutting Angle: 40 degrees Inclusive
  • Machine: TM800 RST Dual Purpose
  • Material: HSS Titanium
  • Number of Teeth: 80


  • For use with: RST Key Cutting Machine - RST TM800 (Model: TM800)
  • For cutting: Cylinder Keys


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