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GJ Locks Brisant Ultion, WMX & D Section Pick

GJ Locks Brisant Ultion, WMX & D Section Pick

SKU: S-LT490/A-L26435

The Brisant Ultion Decoder Pick is a purpose built pick that is used for opening Brisant dimple cylinder including the new WXM, Old Ultion and “D” sections.


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The pick comes with a blade for each section that can quickly be changed using the tools provided. The pick features a clicker system that helps align the picking wire above each pin to be picked. This helps more inexperienced pickers who are still getting used to feeling their way through the pin stacks. This feature can quickly be removed by loosening the screw on top of the pick.


The tool then reverts to the standard configuration which allows the user to feel their way through the lock in the normal way. The pick wire can be easily withdrawn from the tool at any time and calibrated to suit the user.


This tool can be withdrawn from the lock when it is picked, allowing the use of any type of plug spinner. This feature also means that the lock can be left in a picked state without the fear of having to leave the tool in the door where it could be damaged by third parties entering and leaving the property and knocking into the tool.


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