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An-San Carisma S Cylinder Key Cutting Machine

An-San Carisma S Cylinder Key Cutting Machine


The An-San Carisma S is a fully automatic key cutting machine which boasts a high quality and robust design offering excellent accuracy and long term performance.

The ergonomic design and broad base gives the machine a stable operation and accurate results.The most striking feature of this series of machines is the vice system that works horizontally, thanks to this system the operation has dramatically reduced flex which means the new key mirrors the existing keys. The An-San Carisma S is a fast and reliable machine for duplicating cylinder keys with ease.     


Touch Control Buttons

The control buttons are built into the top of the body and operate with quality touch sensitive switches that are protected from contamination.


Cylinder Clamping System

The strong jaws offer a quick clamp handle and a quick release lever to rotate through the 2 jaw positions. The sprung loaded position measure offers accurate positioning and the jaws enables all styles of keys to gripped easily and accurately with both tip and shoulder stop options.


Original Key Follower

The strong structure of the key follower ensures the quality of cut on the copy key. The follower includes an easy and accurate calibration adjuster.


Automatic Feed

The automatic feed system moves the jaws at the optimum speed to deliver the greatest quality of finish. The spring tension directs the blade into the cutter and the combination of automatic travel speed and auto feed leads to excellent results and quick cutting times.


3D Cutter

The 3D design technology of the cutter offers a long life and zero risk of chipping.


LED Lighting

An LED illumination strip built into the roof of the body and directed at the cutter / jaw area of both mortise and cylinder positions offers excellent visibility of the work in all ambient light conditions.


Side Brush

To the side a polishing brush enables rough edges and burrs to be polished and assists with stopping the machine.


Safety and Approvals

The Carisma is CE approved and equipped with a safety shield over the cutting blade which protects the operator and deflects displaced metal.


Low watt consumption, high and efficient power ...

With the new engine technology developed, maximum power is achieved with the lowest consumption, and you can safely use your machine for a long time with this new generation of engine that is quiet and does not need maintenance.

Designed with the environment in mind this machine is ready with A + energy consumption and the ergonomic design offers comfort of use. 


Technical Spec

  • Height 300mm
  • Width 320mm
  • Depth 450mm
  • Weight 22kg
  • Power 220v 50Hz 180W
  • RPM 1400
  • Cutter 50x5x10mm 3D
  • Key styles. Cylinder house and automotive keys. Cruciform keys. 


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