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SKU: S-AM045

Only: £8,209.00 + VAT

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The JMA MULTICODE offers an “all-in-one” solution for professionals who wish to start out or expand an existing and highly versatile key cutting business. Due to its multi-functional nature, this machine can duplicate cylinder keys, high security dimple keys and vehicle keys. And it only occupies a very small amount of space.

The JMA MULTICODE stands out because it features all of the latest technology. The built-in tablet allows you to quickly and easily duplicate a key. This model offers an all-in-one professional solution that will enable you to read and cut to code cylinder, dimple and vehicle keys without needing to switch machines. The software holds a huge database of thousands of references from the JMA catalogues and their equivalents / references. In order to cut a key all you have to do is open up the JMAKEYPRO app, search for the reference number of the key to be duplicated and enter the reading and copying orders. Automatic app updates via the Google Play Store ensures that you keep your software and key references up to date, keeping you ahead of the game and maximising profit.

The machine has been designed with a multi-purpose nature which is supported by the interchangeable clamp system. With this double use for each clamp system, you can easily switch from duplicating security keys to vehicle keys.

The speed of the machine can be seen in the power of its motor, which allows for a fast cutting speed and keys to be cut in a single motion. And it’s all done with the utmost precision.


  • JMAKeyPro app is operated through a touchscreen tablet and includes the entire catalogue and their equivalents.

  • It reads and/or decodes flat keys with standard coding and point/channel keys using a feeler with electronic contact

  • Duplicates cylinder, high security and vehicle keys

  • Powerful motor for cutting keys fast and in a single motion

  • Clamp for security keys with interchangeable clasps

  • Tool holder included with the machine

  • Fully enclosed protective screen

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