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SKU: S-L26777

Miracle A9 Key Cutting Machine


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Futura Pro is a unique electronic key cutting machine combining 2 cutting stations into one user-friendly device. 


Now even faster and more efficient than it was before, the Futura Pro is recognised for the quality of its key cuts, its micro footprint and its access to the widest key database available on the market, via the improved integrated tablet.


The Futura Pro is Silca's ground-breaking electronic key cutting machine which covers a wide range of keys including:  flat, laser, dimple and cruciform keys, and ideal for all types of residential and automotive keys.


It's sleek design has been engineered in order to minimize size whilst maximizing user-friendliness. Futura Pro features fully-guided key cutting procedures and compact dimensions, making it the ideal tool for key cutters who want to be equipped with an affordable electronic key cutting machine and locksmiths who provide home repair and installation services and require an easy-to-carry machine.


Key Features:

  • 3 Axes fully automated movement

  • Independent jaws and decoders for flat and laser keys

  • Optical reader to decode and copy flat (standard) keys and electrical contact to decode and copy laser (milled) keys

  • Integrated software on 10" touch screen tablet

  • Large range of optional adaptors (including Simplex/cruciform, Ford Tibbe and tubular etc)

  • Silca software main data onboard (no need for additional PC)

  • Remote technical assistance (accessed directly from tablet)

  • Compact dimensions and reduced weight - ideal for mobile key cutting service

  • Applies cutting-edge technology and is of the highest standards of Silca's quality



Need some help? Here at THM we are dedicated to helping you find both the machine and package that's right for you and your business. Feel free to get in touch - we'll be happy to help. View our Contact Details

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