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The RST TM855 is a smart and robust, lever operated dual purpose key machine offering high precision and duplication of both cylinder and mortice keys. 


  • Robust dual purpose key machine for accurately duplicating both cylinder and mortice keys

  • The easy dual lever-handle operation supports quick duplication of keys

  • Widely used throughout the trade, offering excellent precision

  • Micro adjustable tracer pins

  • Titanium blades (fitted) and replacements available

  • Built in nylon brush for buffing the keys

  • Smart 4 way rotating jaws providing optimal clamping of various key sizes

  • Fitted drawer compartment collects shavings

  • Comprehensive instructions and safety guide are included

  • 12 month manufacturer warranty on both parts and labour


  • Dimensions: 34x21x23cm

  • Motor Power: 180W

  • Voltage: 220-240V

  • Plug: UK British Standard

  • CE Certified 

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