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GJ Locks L4V Locks For Vans Pick

GJ Locks L4V Locks For Vans Pick

SKU: S-LT496/A-L27056

The G J L4V Locks For Vans Pick is a leading pick which is dedicated to opening the challenging Tessa 6 LV4 slam locks and euro deadlocks.

Once the picking method is understood it can take between 2-3 minutes to successfully open.  


Instructions / Picking Procedure


1. Slide the pick into the keyway and use a fair to medium tension


2. Rim cylinders and slam locks can typically only be picked in a single direction and if you get the wrong direction the pins won’t bind or reset when you release tension. For euro cylinders though try both ways and see which gives you a better feeling as one will give you more feedback. If you pick it in the locked direction then plug spin it to open.


3. Touch each pin and look for tight or bound pins. Pins that readily move aren’t due to be picked yet.


4. For pins that are bound, manipulate them until they click (ie they go from tight to loose) and then repeat the process for the remaining bound pins. If you find the remaining pins all become loose or the barrel rotates by approximately 5 degrees and then go loose, then you’ve over lifted the last pin so reset and start over avoiding that pin.


5. Picking this lock type is very repeatable, meaning that each lock barrel will have it’s own picking order. You should make a conscious effort to note down the picking order as you go through so you can quickly get back on track if you take a wrong turn.


Supplied in a protective case.


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