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Dino semi automatic hand pick gun

Dino Semi Automatic Hand Pick Gun

SKU: S-LT475

The Dino Semi-Auto Pick Gun is a double action pick gun that features an important innovative vertical operation that is not present on many of the traditional pick guns. The design of this pick gun ensures that all pins are struck together with the same force, whereas traditional pick guns operated in an arc movement, striking the pins at slightly different times and with a different amount of force. The result is a higher performing tool which is easier to use and more successful. 

Comes supplied in a plastic display case and with a selection of pick blades and tension wrenches.

Full control of the number of strikes you want to give the pins. By pulling the trigger half way you will make 1 strike action and by pulling the trigger the whole way you will initiate 2 fast repetitive strikes. 


  • Easy to hold and operate.
  • Features adjustable tension.
  • Pick blades can be installed quickly thanks to the larger headed plastic nut. 


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