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Keyline are one of the worlds leading key cutting machine manufacturers, renowned for producing well engineered, high quality and pin-point accurate machines. The Keyline Easy machine has been designed with ease of use in mind and offers fast and accurate duplication of both residential and automotive cylinder keys.

A reliable and precise key cutting machine for cylinder household, car and cruciform keys, with two and four-sided reversible clamps, providing optimal grip. Simple to operate dual handle movement control. This system guarantees a safe start of the machine, thanks to the forward movement of the carriage. Equipped with an independent switch for the nylon brush and with a tempered tracer with depth adjustment. A robust and reliable workhorse that sets the standard for the 21st century.

  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

  • Movements/Axes: 2 axes

  • Clamps: 2 way

  • Tracer: Hardened

  • Motor: Asynchronous, one speed

  • Cutter: HSS 80x5x16 mm

  • Cutter Speed: 700 rpm

  • Brush: Tynex

  • Absorption: 200 W

  • Dimensions: Width: 370 mm; Depth: 370 mm; Height: 240 mm

  • Weight: 19 kg

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months

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