Basic safety


Prior to first use please carefully read through the instructions / user manual provided with your key cutting machine.

Only skilled, experienced and knowledgable users of this machine can legally operate it.


Make sure machines are anchored/positioned securely and safely in order to prevent "walking," tipping, excessive vibration or other movement that could be hazardous. Always make sure that the machine is out of reach of children and that there are no wires hanging that could be pulled on or cause a tripping hazard.


Ensure that any loose clothing or jewellery is safely out of the way so that it does not come into contact with the machine. For example - take off your tie, tuck in your shirt and remove any jewellery if necessary. 


Always wear personal protective equipment, including safety glasses. 


If taking any medication, ensure that it is safe to use the machinery with your GP before doing so. Do not use machinery if you do not feel 100% alert. 


Never reach blindly into areas that may contain energized parts.


Never operate a key machine when tired.


Before using make sure that you have studied the machine and are fully aware of all moving parts of the machine, including cutters, belts, clamps and brushes.


Do not touch light bulbs and cutters when the machine is in use or directly after the machine has been in use as they may be hot. 


Never plug or unplug electrical equipment with wet hands.


Always switch off the machine when not in use. This includes:

  • When you are turning/ moving keys in the jaws /clamps.

  • Between each key you cut. 

  • Any time that the machine is not in use.


Ensure that there is adequate lighting in operating area and vision is not obscured in any way before using the machine.


Do not use your Key Machine for any other purpose than cutting keys. 


Keep hands away from cutters at all times.


Keep the machine out of sight and reach of children.


If you have any questions about using your Key Machine please contact your supplier.


Checking / Servicing / Adjusting your machine


Always turn off the power and unplug the machine from the mains supply before any checks or adjustments are carried out. 


Ensure that the machine has been switched off for a minimum of 10 minutes before touching any blades, light bulbs or electrical

components as they can get hot. 


Use only the correct tools for the job that you are going to perform.


Keep hands away from the cutters when in use.


Handle blades and cutting tools with care - they can be very sharp. 


Always wear protective PPE, e.g gloves when handling blades and cutting tools.


Ensure that all tools have been removed from the machine before switching back on.


If further adjustment are required, switch off the machine again and follow the safety procedures again.


Remember to remove any tools from the machine.


If in any doubt, please contact your supplier for help and advice.


Please note that these are safety guidelines that have been provided to ensure safety. All users are required to follow the health and safety regulations and guidelines as set out by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). 

IMPORTANT - Machine Safety User Guide

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