THM are proud to supply the worlds leading engraving machines and we're excited to introduce you to the Gravograph M20.

Gravograph M20

The Gravograph M20 engraving machine hosts unique and innovative features. It efficiently answers the need for object personalisation and small signs realisation. The M20 is perfect for engraving on numerous flat objects and materials. All-in-one, this solution allows you to add value to your product range. The M20 solution includes the engraving machine, the software, the necessary tools and the user's maintenance manual.


The M20 is compact and no bigger than a desk printer. It can easily be placed in your work environment, whether it is a workbench, office or counter. The M20 is flexible and well suited for a great number of items from small signs to picture engraving for multi purpose activities. Its operating mode is simple and ergonomic. Users reap the benefits of immediate engraving while still being able to focus on their business and customers. Aesthetic and silent, users can place their M20 on their point of sale, creating an animation and generating revenue.


Ideal for: Bracelets, medal and watch personalisation. Picture engraving on metallic objects and jewels. Cutlery gifts (pens, keychains, lighters). Engraved plates, identification, animal medals, small signs. Engraving on plastic, acrylic, aluminium, precious metals, Diamond marking on metallic objects. 




Overall machine size: 345 x 315x 310 mm

Engraving area: 100 x 100 mm

Z stroke: 30 mm

Clearance (nose to bottom of vice): 40 mm

Weight: 10 kg


Noise level:

Standby: LAeq = 51dB (A) (+1)

Engraving: LAeq = 69dB (A) (+2)

Peak in engraving: LpCpeak = 89dB (C)


Gravograph M20 Engraving Machine

Standard Package

Only £4,495.00

(£5,394.00 inc. VAT)


Package includes: Machine, ABC Software, Spindle & Vice, Engraving tools (ie. cutters), Jigs and support table, 12 month warranty, Software installation, 3 hour training, Carriage and insurance. 

Standard UK delivery 2-4 working days


Advanced Package

Only £4,795.00

(£5,700.00 inc. VAT)

Package includes: All of the above as listed for the standard package, plus the Gravostyle 8 Discovery Software.

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