THM are proud to supply the worlds leading key machines and we're excited to introduce you to the An-San X-Cut.

An-San X-Cut

Using state of the art "Nanotech" technology, the X-Cut key cutting machine uses is able to produce a whole new key, allowing you to copy your customer's key, even when the blank is not in stock. The efficient use of the nano-tech reading probles means that the complete cutting and copying process takes no more than just a few minutes.

The X-Cut is simple to use and can be operated following a quick step by step process. It has an integrated LCD display, capacitive touch buttons and an illuminated cutting area.


X-Cut has a strong and stable motor for cutting highly sensitive profiles. The quality cutter achieves both a superior finish and high number of cuts.

Comes with an area shield and shavings container under the cutting section.


Miracle A9 Key Cutting Machine

Technical Data

  • Motor DC56w 

  • Revolution 3000rpm 

  • Power 240v 50Hz 

  • Energy Consumed 150W 

  • Cutter 20 x 0.3 x 5mm 

  • Illumination 3W LED 

  • Dimensions 410 x 420 x 450mm 

  • Weight 15kg

Only £5,995.00 

(£7,194.00 inc. VAT)


Standard UK delivery 2-4 working days

Standard EU delivery 5-7 working days

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