Keyline 884 Ultegra Decryptor Cloning Machine



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The 884 Ultegra Decryptor device is Keyline’s solution for the cloning of electronic keys and remote controls. Its advanced computing power, ease of use and versatility, guaranteed by easy and quick updates, make this the ideal choice for specialists in the automotive technology sector.

Transponder cloning*: stand-alone cloning for Philips® Crypto 1st Generation transponders; cloning in stand alone mode for fixed code transponders; stand-alone cloning for Texas® Crypto transponders using Keyline TK100 electronic heads or GK100 glass chips; cloning of a part of the Texas® 80-bit transponders using TKG electronic heads or CKG carbon chips; stand-alone cloning for Philips® Crypto 1st Generation transponders ID45 VAG-Ford, ID 4W Peugeot, ID42 Volkswagen and Seat; stand-alone cloning for Philips® Crypto 2nd Generation transponder using TK100 or GK100; cloning of a part of the Megamos® Crypto transponders using TKM electronic heads or GKM glass chips; programming of fixed code transponder through the manual entry of ID; automatic generation of some codes for fixed code transponder.

  • Power supply: DC 12V; power adapter included

  • External connections: RS232 and USB serial ports

  • Absorption: 20 W

  • Dimensions: Width: 220 mm; Depth: 130 mm; Height: 70 mm Weight 1 Kg


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